So as I write this blog post I’m on week three (I think) of this shut down or quarantine or sheltering at home, whatever it’s being called. I don’t even know anymore. It’s been difficult. I want to write and I am writing but whether I’m writing “good stuff”, well, Not so sure about that.

But I have been writing and that’s what counts, right? I’ve joined Wattpad, and over there I’m writing and sharing some new fiction that will eventually find it’s way to Amazon. As of today I have three works started and another mapped out and ready to go. You can find me over there at @brigidmcmahonauthor

Also working on setting up a new facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube. Stay tuned for updates about that.

And I’ve decided to start sharing book reviews from all the great titles I read. You’ll be able to find those under the “Reviews” page once I get them added.

So good things are happening, I’m writing, I’m sharing and I’m still here. I hope all of you are too!